Live Life Inspired!

My horses & I help women connect to the wisdom of their body-heart-mind so that they can navigate life's transitions with greater clarity and ease.

Life is filled with many turning points...maybe your in the midst of one...

Changing jobs or career, death of a loved one, or feeling on the brink of needing change, knowing there is something more.


Although painful & challenging these transitions can be more easily navigated from a place of deeper body wisdom.

I experienced this first hand after my mother died when through bodywork & horses I re-connected to my own inner wisdom & true nature. After spending 17 years in the high-tech industry from engineer to VP of marketing, this wisdom guided me to changed careers and in 2001 I began a private massage practice, then founded & operated a holistic healing center for 7 years and now focus on working privately with clients and with small groups and teams.

Connecting to my own true nature as a life-long learner, I bring the many techniques I’ve learned over the years, including energy medicine, essential oils, & equine guided sessions, to my work as a BodyMind & Equine Inspired Guide.

I am passionate about working with high achievers & teams seeking to create balance & connection of body, mind & spirit. I help people & teams tap into a much deeper place to uncover that truth that lies within enabling you to move with purpose, clarity & integrity so that you can make the impact you know deep in your heart that you are designed to & have been wanting to make.

Live Life Inspired!

Bettyann Cernese

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